About Us

Our company has been providing top notch electrical related services. We specialized in all forms of electrical service from residential communities to the smallest repair and maintenance. We are customer oriented and Express Electrical Services based our customer satisfaction and dedication to the idea that our customers will always come first. We truly believe in that. We know that they must be given proper importance and attention. It is the idea that enables us to grow from the smallest beginner to a great company that we are now.

We are service oriented, we take pride in what we do. We give fast and reliable services to the people in need of our help. The word of mouth from our previous clients helped us in so many ways. We are not handling projects from previous clients and from referrals too. We cannot thank our clients enough for taking care of us. Probably, that’s what we do because, they felt the amount of care that we have for them as well. We are a company with the widest range of services and we encompasses all of the aspects of the new construction, design, remodeling and renovations. We also do maintenance work. We specialized in new construction and renovation of various establishments and residential facilities too.

dedicated electricians

Our experienced electricians are providing a professional and reliable services and able to offer free advice whenever you need it.

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Next time you need help in any type of electrical services, you need to call us for help. We will attend to your call right away and we will schedule an inspection. Our local electrician and project manager will keep in touch with you for further details that you may need for the project. We will do our best to be of help to you in whatever way we can. We will never fail you. We will exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to provide you with the best kind of services that you need and that should be right on time. We value your time. We will never waste it by keeping you waiting for us to attend to your needs. You can be sure that we will handle your concern even to the smallest detail that you may have.